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The page loading time is one of the most important things that help in bringing or diverting traffic from any web site. Search engine giant also takes speed into consideration when it indexes any site. The importance of page loading times cannot be emphasized upon much. There are many things that one can do in order to increase the speed of their site. Today, I am going to discuss how the right WordPress theme can speed up your website.

Selecting A Theme For WordPress

Selecting the right theme for your WordPress site can make bring a drastic difference in your website’s overall speed. You have to ensure that JS, CSS and other images available on the theme that you are looking to install are effectively optimized for the internet. This is one characteristic that premium themes come pre-installed with but premium themes can still not beat customized themes.

Whichever theme you install, make sure it goes with the overall theme and the idea of your site. No matter what you do, make sure the pictures are optimized; this can be done using software such as JPEGmini. Additionally, to optimize CSS and JS, you can combine them into one file separately.

Avoid Cluttered Data

If your WordPress site is about photography, it makes sense if there are a lot of images on it. However, if you have a content based website strictly, then there is absolutely no point in having too many images as it is going to cause annoyance amongst visitors and eventually make them leave your site without thinking twice.

Avoiding cluttered data is your best bet if you want to increase the speed of your website. This again can be done by tweaking your WordPress theme. As mentioned above, keep a keen eye for images and optimize CSS, JS and other scripts.

Having a right WordPress theme implies having everything in place; from plug-ins to images and scripts, everything you do should be optimized. Any theme comes with plugins, images and other data such as scripts that will suck the speed out of your website but the right WordPress theme, if you are able to secure one for your site, will help in making the overall performance of your site flawless.

Plugins And Database

While tweaking your WordPress theme to improve performance, make sure you also get rid of 3rd party plugins because they also drain the bandwidth and speed of the site. Plugins do enhance functionality but also slow down websites because they add additional code to operate before the pages can be displayed by the server. Additional codes require more time to load. Only install plugins that you really require.

Everything that you install on your website will operate on the internet and the overall speed of your website. The more things you add, the slower your site’s loading speed will be. You should ensure that you focus on things such as optimizing database, plugins, image size, scripts and other essentials guarantee smooth operation of your website.

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