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According to the latest statistics, oracle certification is ranked in the top ten valuable certifications ever given to a graduate. Evidences have proved that certified professionals are capable of handling 40% more support calls per day as compared to uncertified ones.

Why is this certification better than others?

We all know that competition in the employment sector is high. New as well as experienced professionals need to gain attractive skills to get a job. By earning this certification, you could easily gain job security. Moreover, it helps you too distinguish yourself from peers. The certification will assure that you have the required solid understanding of a job role.

Have a look at the experience of thousands of graduates, who gained this certification-

Among them, 97% said they have been highly benefitted from the program
More than 89% people agreed that oracle has helped them to boost up their confidence
96% among them have recommended the program to their juniors
Now, once you know about the benefits of the certification, your next step is to achieve the target. Initially, you need to gain technical knowledge and experience. Good and valuable experience along with a highly recommended certificate from oracle will surely increase your career opportunities.

How to prepare well for the examinations?

You could take a look at the requirements of the path you have chosen. Download the guide that contains registration information, suggested preparation, exam topics etc. once you are aware of the syllabus, your next step is to prepare for your examinations. Ways of preparing are-

  • Online training
  • Instructor led training
  • e- books
  • Group study
  • Oracle authorized practice exams
  • Things required for qualifying the exam

Broadly there are two certification paths namely oracle DBA and developer. To achieve DBA certification, you need to qualify three exams namely associate, professionals and masters level. Each level is the prerequisite to qualify the next level. To qualify the exams, you need to gain knowledge about topics like-

Managing users, privileges, profiles and roles
Tips to maintain database security
Installing and configuring oracle
Manage scheme objects
Administer oracle database
Load and unload data
Recover the database
Review database logs for diagnostic purposes
Use of recovery manager to perform backups
Data guard
Real application clusters
Data warehouse management

Two achieve developer certification, you have to qualify two levels namely associate and advanced developer certified professional. It will be quite difficult for you to qualify the examinations if you do not know the fundamentals and most important parts of this certification. However, you could learn everything with conviction and self confidence.

Things to consider while filling up the registration form

You could visit the exam registration page to complete the formalities. Before finalizing everything, go through the terms and conditions of the agreement. Make sure that you fill correct address details as oracle will send you the program success kit to achieve the desired target.

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