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We have seen many new technologies in the mobile phone industry. One of them is mobile ringtones. These ringtones have seen their evolution from normal monotonic ringtone to polyphonic ringtones and finally Mp3 and sing tones. Another technology which is being widely used in the market is the android OS. There are many types of ringtones available with android phones. There are also many ways you can download one in your android phone. You can use downloader apps. OR you can download it in your PC. Then send it to your device. Android supports a variety of ringtones formats such as Adding a ringtones to a smartphone like Android can be complicated. If you do it by dragging and dropping a ringtone to your android device, it will be stored in your music collection. However the steps described below it could be a hassle free process.

Now You Can Set Different Ringtones for Different Callers

Connect with Computer:

Connect your Android Phone’s memory card with your computer. This can be done in 3 ways. The first way is to connect the device using USB cable. Another method is to connect the both using Bluetooth. You can also use a SD card adapter to connect the card with the computer. After you connect your phone via USB you will have to mount the phone to your PC. You have to go to your notifications and then you have to set your USB in storage or mount.

Open Your Memory Card:

Now go to My Computer. You will be able to see your memory card. Then open your memory card. Create a folder in your memory card. Then rename the folder as ringtones.

Download Free Ringtones for Android:

You can find many websites who offer free android ringtones to be downloaded legally. You can download one that suits your choice on your PC.

Transfer the ringtone to card:

After that transfer the ringtone to your card and store it in the ringtones folder you created before.

For Bluetooth:

If you are using Bluetooth to connect to your device then right click on the ringtone you downloaded. Then click send and then Bluetooth. The computer will search and then show your device. Send the ringtone to your device.

Disconnect the Phone and Find the Ringtone:

For USB:

Disconnect the phone from your PC by safely removing it. After that go to your ringtones folder you will find the file.

For Bluetooth:

Go to your Bluetooth folder you will find the file.

Set the Ringtone:

Go to your home screen
Press the menu key, you will see many icons, select Settings from it.
From there, you have to select Sound.
Then select Phone ringtone.
Scroll through all the ringtones until you find the ringtone you want.
If you do not see the ringtone you have downloaded please reboot your device. Android OS scans for new files once it has been rebooted.


If you follow all the steps properly it can be said that you can set your favourite ring tone to your favourite android device.

Description: A step by step guide to get your favourite ringtones in your android device by using your pc. It can be done using Bluetooth and USB.

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